How to Stay Interested and Devoted to Your Blog?

Writing Quotes
A time comes especially in the beginning of your Blogging Journey when you don’t get any Comment and Traffic on your Blog.These two factors are really discouraging for Bloggers and many of them soon lose hope cause of them.It is very hard and necessary to stay consistent, interested...
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What makes an Awesome Blog Post?

Everyone can write a Blog Post and Anyone can do it on the regular basis.The difference comes only when someone writes an Awesome Blog Post that goes Viral on the Social Media.Such posts brings you Traffic automatically, you need to share it only once and then those people...
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18 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

Blog Traffic
Traffic is like an Oxygen for any Blog.If your Blog does not get enough Traffic, then there are almost no chance that you can earn money from it.Also it is quite frustrating when you spend your precious time writing content and nobody comes to read it.It just breaks...
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7 Writing Flaws You Need to Fill Up

Fixing holes
Would you like to drive a Car with broken mirrors?Would you buy a Cycle with no seat on it?What about Cell Phone , Would you buy if it has tons of features but very small memory & slow processing speed? Of Course NOT You always look for a...
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