How to Boost your Firefox Browser?

March 17, 2015

Improve Speed
Efficiency gets affected with the passage of time. Same is the case with Web Browsers. With the course of time, you install different plug-ins, bookmark pages and store passwords which result in slow speed. Lets see how you can take care of this problem. What? Your computer is already acting like a snail? Don’t worry, just give this blog post a reading shot
Reasons behind a Slow Computer and how to Deal with them

Removing Unnecessary Plugins

Most of the time, 30% of the plug-ins installed in your browser are unnecessary. They drastically affect your browser  performance and also show annoying ads. Remove those plugins right now and see how your browser speed gets improved.


Refresh Your Browser

There is a function in Firefox Browser that will reborn your browser. There is a folder called Profile in which your Personal and Firefox Settings are stored. What this feature does is, create new Profile folder and delete the previous one. Don’t worry, it does not delete your valuable information.

Following type of data remains untouched:

Following data gets deleted:

Just click on the below link to refresh your Firefox Browser. Make sure that you do it using Firefox Browser.
Refresh My Firefox Browser


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NOTE: Your old Firefox profile will be placed on your desktop in a folder named “Old Firefox Data”. If the reset didn’t fix your problem you can restore some of the information not saved by copying files to the new profile that was created. If you don’t need this folder any longer, you should delete it as it contains sensitive information.

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Lets Talk about Windows Secret Weapon

March 9, 2015

Secret Weapon

Knowing some geek tips and tricks is always great to save time and increase productivity. Today, I am going to share with you a secret weapon of Windows that will save you from a lot of headache.

Just press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to unleash this secret Weapon. What do you see? Task Manager? You already knew about it? Wait, there are things you still don’t know about it. Just hang on and we will dive into it.

1) Get Rid of Irresponsive Programs

This is what Task Manager is famous for. Usually it happens that your computer slow down and get hangged in the middle. It is because some programs are not-responding to you or taking too long. You can forcefully close those programs using Task Manager. You can see how to do it in below picture.

close Not-Responding programs

Just click on the End Task button and you will get rid of problematic program.

7 Possible Reasons behind a Slow Computer

2) Memory and CPU Usage

You can find how much Physical Memory, CPU and other Resources are being used by your computer at the moment. You can close unnecessary programs accordingly. Just click on the Performance Tab in Task Manager and you will find out everything.


5 Solutions for a Slow Computer

3) Reveal Hidden Processes

There are some processes that run behind the scene without letting you know. Some of them are necessary for your Computer to run properly. While some of them are kind of unnecessary. You may close the later one as they are just a burden for you. To reveal background processes, just click on Processes Tab in Task Manager.


You may select any process from above and click on End Process to close it.

How to know Everything about your Computer?

4) Startup Services and Turning them Off

Some services start running as soon as you turn on your computer. Example for such services can be your Yahoo/MSN Messenger or maybe Skype, Antivirus is also a great example. Anyway, you can find those startup services and change their behaviour using Task Manager. To see those services, click on Services Tab in Task Manager.

Startup Services

To change their settings, click on Services button as shown in the above image. Another window will open.

View Change

Right Click on any Service to change its settings.


After writing all these things, I would say that using Task Manager can save your from a lot of headaches. One should really use it a lot, especially when your computer is hanged or working like a snail.

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How to know Everything about your Computer?

February 27, 2015

I love my Computer and I know each and everything about it. I am familiar with all of it’s body parts, organs, emotions and feelings etc. Don’t you believe? Well just look at the image given below, it is showing even the temperature:

My Computer Specifications

Why you should Know about your Computer?

7 Possible Reasons behind A Slow Computer
5 Solutions for a Slow Computer
9 Shortcut Keys Every Windows User Should Know

Do you want to know about your computer? I used one free tool for it, called Speccy. Just download it, run it on your computer and it will tell you everything. Even the temperature of your computer. Isn’t it great? :)


Computer Specifications

Computer Temperature

Detailed Computer Info

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How to put Subtitles in VLC Player?

February 23, 2015

Put subtitles on VLC Player

I love watching movies, specially with subtitles. Why use subtitiles? There can be multiple reasons for that. For Example:

Alright, enough with the talking. Now lets show what you are here to see.

7 Inspirational Movies Every Blogger should Watch

So you have downloaded the movie and want to put subtitles on it. How you can do it? Well you can easily do it using VLC Player. Lets do it step by step.

Download VLC Player from Here if you don’t have it already.

From where to get Subtitles?

There is one great site called SubScene to find subtitles. Just go there, type your Movie’s name and you will find tons of subtitles in multiple languages. Choose according to your need and download.

Subscene Movie Select

Subscene Subtitle Select

Subscene Subtitle Download

How to put them on VLC Player?

Play your movie using VLC Player, Stop it by pressing Space Bar. Now click on Subtitle tab, select Add Subtitle File.

VLC Subtitle

Select the subtitle file you downloaded from subscene and click open.

VLC Subtitle

Alright, if the subtitles are working properly and they are appearing on time, then it means you are done. If not, keep reading :)

How to correct the timing of Subtitles?

Sometimes, subtitles are not synchronized with the voice of characters. They appear either too late or too early from the exact timing. You can correct this problem by either delaying or hastening the subtitles appearance.

After adding the subtitle file like I did above. Just click on Tools>Track Synchronization as shown in the image below.

VLC Track Synchronization

A window will open, from there you can either delay or hasten the subtitles according to your need. For Example, if I set Subtitle Track Synchronization to 5.000s then it means subtitles will appear with 5 seconds delay. For -5.000s, subtitles will appear 5 seconds before their default timing.


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5 Networking Commands You Should Know

February 18, 2015

Some people just love when they are called geeks or nerds. That’s why they pretend to be one. How they do that and how you can do that too? Well, it is very simple. Just learn some basic MS-DOS commands and you will do fine. But in this article, I won’t tell you the Basic Commands. Instead, I will share with you the Networking Commands that you should really know.

Learn about MS-DOS?

Are you familiar with the black screen with white text on it? Something like shown in the below picture? It is called MS-DOS. It can be very useful when it comes to dealing with networking problems.


How to Open MS-DOS?
You can open it by going to Start, type cmd there and hit enter. A window like above will open. Anyway, lets talk about the networking commands you should know.

1) IPconfig
It will give you all the Basic Information about your computer. Such as your IP Address, Subnet Masks, Default Gateway etc. You may also use ipconfig/all to get additional information, as you can see below.
IPConfig Command

2) Ping
It is used to check whether a certain website online or your internet connection is working or not. You can do following to check whether twitter is up or not.

Ping CommandAs you can see above, is the IP Address of Twitter. 4 Packets were sent and all 4 of them were received, hence Twitter is online and it received your all requests.

3) Tracert
This command is used to trace the route of your request. It tells you from how many devices your request goes through. As you can see below, how my request went through when I tried to access Google.
Tracert Command

4) Netstat
It tells you about the connections that are made to your computer. You can find out if someone suspicious is connected to your computer. Simply type netstat in your Ms-Dos and hit enter.
Netstat Command

5) NsLookup
This command is used to resolve Domain Name into IP Address. Simply type the website name and it will tell you its IP Address. As you can see in the below picture, I found out my Blog’s IP Address using this command.
NsLookup Command

So those were the 5 commands that you can use to do some Network troubleshooting and couple of other things. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)

Images Credit goes to Pixabay

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