9 Things I love about Blogging and Which keep me Going

July 29, 2014

love bloggingIn start, we all take blogging as a piece of cake. After some time the result is obvious, we came up disappointed , demotivated , annoyed and tired of Blogging. But before you quit, I want you to take a look at following good things about Blogging. Sure it takes one heck a lot of effort, work, patience, devotion and motivation to get your hands over them. But knowing these things about Blogging will certainly help you stay motivated. Share this post with your friends and they will always remember you in prayers :)

1) Boss of your Own

When you blog, you don’t follow any instructions. It is just you and your blog, you can do whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want. You are the boss of your own.

2) Blog is more than a Website

Your blog is not just a website with one URL Address. It is one heck a lot of things. It is your home on Internet, it is your diary, it is your novel, it is your business etc.

3) Write in your own style

You write in your own style when you blog.I assure that no English Professor will come and scold you.Blogging is not like writing an application or writing a cover letter for a job.You bring your own writing style into your Blog.

4) Present however you Want

Suppose you have written an article.Now you can invent your own way of presenting it.You are free to use Bold, Underline, Italics texts or Headings, Images, Alignments etc.

5) It’s all free

You don’t need to pay any publisher for getting your article published.You don’t need to pay commission for selling your products.You can freely advertise anything or run any promotional campaign on your blog.

6) No Boundaries

Write an article, hit publish and you have sent it to the whole World.Now anyone from any part of the world can access it.You don’t need to pay any media channel or newspaper for that.

7) Making New Connections

You get to know the people who have same interest as yours. They may contact you for any question,help or maybe offer you a job by judging your capabilities from your Blog.

8) Find New Friends

It’s fun when people contact you after reading your Blog or leave comments on your Articles.You share you knowledge with them and they return you the favor with their friendship.

9) Gives you a Voice

Blogging provides you with a platform to speak your World.You can share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, feelings etc with the World.Nobody is gonna stop you.

I always say this to my readers “Blogging is not a sprint race; it is marathon“. So you need to stay consistent and motivated.Success does not come overnight, it takes time.Of course this post is incomplete without your participation.Feel free to drop a comment and share what you love about Blogging :)

Image Credits goes to Darkbly

7 Blogging Lessons You can Learn from Muhammad Ali

July 25, 2014

Do you know Muhammad Ali? He was known as the Greatest Person ever lived on this Planet.He Boxed for about 22 Years and was the first Heavyweight Boxer to become 3 times World Champion. He was quite successful throughout his life and was the most famous Athlete at his time.

Muhammad Ali Quotes

His life is full of Wisdom and Lessons that everyone Should learn to be successful in his Life.While in this Blog Post, we will talk from the Blogging Perspective Only.So let’s have a look on his Quotes and see what they teach us about Blogging.


1) I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Blogging is not like a sprint Race; it is Marathon. You can not expect instant results from your Blog.It takes months for your Blog to start showing some Results.I assure you that Blogging is not a difficult Job , it is just Time-Taking Job.


 2) What keeps me going is Goals.

You should set small Goals for every day.Setting small goals and achieving them gives you a Boost and help you stay Motivated.Achieving those goals make you feel like you are making progress.


 3) It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.

Blogging is all about doing experiments and taking challenges.You need to write with confidence and have self believe.If you don’t believe in yourself then how your Readers will? Always stay positive,you will get the positive results and same goes for vice versa.
How to stay Motivated as a Blogger?


4) The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

Learning Process never stops , it goes from a Cradle to the Grave. Blogging is an ultimate learning process.You learn from your mistakes and experiments.You get wisdom by reading other people’s Blog and the comments you receive from your readers etc.Your way of thinking keeps changing and you keep bringing new ideas into Blogging.


5) Age is whatever you think it is.You are as old as you think you are.

You are never too young and you are never too old to Blog.It is all about your Knowledge,Experience and the way you Convey them to your Readers.Age has nothing to do with Blogging or any other aspect of life.If you think you are getting Old then don’t worry, because everybody is.


6) The man who has no Imagination has no Wings.

Being imaginative is very important in Blogging.You think from the Readers Perspective when you are writing and you try to generate new ideas for your Blog Posts.If you are not imaginative , then there is very less difference between You and a Tree.


7) Service to others is the Rent you pay for your room on Earth.

Let me ask you a question.Why you made a Blog? To convey information? While information was already there on Internet and your Blog does not make any difference to it.So why you made a Blog?

Actually the purpose of your Blog should be to help your Readers.You should try to Blog like your Readers are very lazy and you should try hard to make their life easier.That’s what they want from your Blog and if you do that, they will keep returning to your Blog.

Spoon Feed your Readers so that they can’t help themselves from Subscribing to your Blog.
How to write an Awesome Post for Your Readers?


So those were some Muhammad Ali’s Quotes.He was known of his Self-Confidence and ability to learn new things.He is my idol, I learned a lot of things from Him.You should learn too.It will really help you a lot in your Life.

Tell me what you think about above Quotes and don’t forget to share this post with your Friends.

How to Stay Interested and Devoted to Your Blog?

July 18, 2014

A time comes especially in the beginning of your Blogging Journey when you don’t get any Comment and Traffic on your Blog.These two factors are really discouraging for Bloggers and many of them soon lose hope cause of them.It is very hard and necessary to stay consistent, interested and regular in Blogging.For all these things, you need Motivation.

So I made an Infographics for you guys, composed of some Awesome Quotes from some Awsome Bloggers.


What makes an Awesome Blog Post?

July 15, 2014

Everyone can write a Blog Post and Anyone can do it on the regular basis.The difference comes only when someone writes an Awesome Blog Post that goes Viral on the Social Media.Such posts brings you Traffic automatically, you need to share it only once and then those people take it to millions of people.Do you know how to write such post?

Well I will tell you below………

Awesome Blog Post

8 Free Softwares You Must Install On Your Computer

June 14, 2014

There are some tasks that you perform frequently on your computer. To get those basic tasks done, here is the list of Free Softwares that you must Install on your Computer :

1) Recuva – Data Recovery Tool

We are humans and humans make mistakes.It might had happened to  you that you accidentally formatted any drive or erased your data from Harddisk. Well, there is a still way to get them back and Recuva is answer for that.

Download Link


2) HandBrake – Video Compressing Tool

It is the best video compressing tool that I have ever used.It insanely reduces the size of your video without very much affecting its quality.I was able to reduce about 200 MB sized video to 24 MB only.Give it a try and you will never regret it.

Download Link


3) Speccy – System Analysing Tool

You want to know more and more about your Computer,Because it is your boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter or whatever etc. Right? Well here is this tool then called Speccy. It will tell you everything from the specifications to the temperature(mood) of your computer.

Download Link


4) CCleaner – Registry Cleaning Tool

Every computer user faces nasty Windows Errors and slowed speed.This CCleaner tool removes all the misconfigurations/errors/hidden malwares/unnecessary process etc. Long and short, it helps your computer run smoothly.

Download Link


5) GIMP – Image Manipulation Tool

Everyone has to play with Graphics at sometime.For Example you may need to design a logo/change background of image/remove any object from it/change its scale/put some text in it etc. You can do all that stuff using this tool.It is just like Photoshop and Corel Draw only the difference is, it is far easier to use.

Download Link


6) VLC – Media Player

Windows Media Player sucks , Right? Hehe don´t worry, Install VLC player. It will run each and every kind of video.Also it is very easy to configure.

Download Link


7) 7-Zip – Compressor/Extractor Tool

Sometimes you try to send a file that is too big.In this case, you need to compress it.You can do that using this tool and also extract the data from any compressed file.

Download Link


8) PDFlite – PDF Files Reader

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it is widely used.The benefit of converting your doc file to PDF format is , it will open everywhere. You just need to have a PDF Reading Tool. So you can download the free one called PDFLite.

Download link


The above mentioned Softwares are totally free and available for both Windows and Linux users. They are small in size that you won’t mind keeping them in your USB.Share these tools with other people and they will always remember you in prayers :)

Trust me xD