How to put Subtitles in VLC Player?

February 23, 2015

Put subtitles on VLC Player

I love watching movies, specially with subtitles. Why use subtitiles? There can be multiple reasons for that. For Example:

Alright, enough with the talking. Now lets show what you are here to see.

7 Inspirational Movies Every Blogger should Watch

So you have downloaded the movie and want to put subtitles on it. How you can do it? Well you can easily do it using VLC Player. Lets do it step by step.

Download VLC Player from Here if you don’t have it already.

From where to get Subtitles?

There is one great site called SubScene to find subtitles. Just go there, type your Movie’s name and you will find tons of subtitles in multiple languages. Choose according to your need and download.

Subscene Movie Select

Subscene Subtitle Select

Subscene Subtitle Download

How to put them on VLC Player?

Play your movie using VLC Player, Stop it by pressing Space Bar. Now click on Subtitle tab, select Add Subtitle File.

VLC Subtitle

Select the subtitle file you downloaded from subscene and click open.

VLC Subtitle

Alright, if the subtitles are working properly and they are appearing on time, then it means you are done. If not, keep reading :)

How to correct the timing of Subtitles?

Sometimes, subtitles are not synchronized with the voice of characters. They appear either too late or too early from the exact timing. You can correct this problem by either delaying or hastening the subtitles appearance.

After adding the subtitle file like I did above. Just click on Tools>Track Synchronization as shown in the image below.

VLC Track Synchronization

A window will open, from there you can either delay or hasten the subtitles according to your need. For Example, if I set Subtitle Track Synchronization to 5.000s then it means subtitles will appear with 5 seconds delay. For -5.000s, subtitles will appear 5 seconds before their default timing.


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5 Networking Commands You Should Know

February 18, 2015

Some people just love when they are called geeks or nerds. That’s why they pretend to be one. How they do that and how you can do that too? Well, it is very simple. Just learn some basic MS-DOS commands and you will do fine. But in this article, I won’t tell you the Basic Commands. Instead, I will share with you the Networking Commands that you should really know.

Learn about MS-DOS?

Are you familiar with the black screen with white text on it? Something like shown in the below picture? It is called MS-DOS. It can be very useful when it comes to dealing with networking problems.


How to Open MS-DOS?
You can open it by going to Start, type cmd there and hit enter. A window like above will open. Anyway, lets talk about the networking commands you should know.

1) IPconfig
It will give you all the Basic Information about your computer. Such as your IP Address, Subnet Masks, Default Gateway etc. You may also use ipconfig/all to get additional information, as you can see below.
IPConfig Command

2) Ping
It is used to check whether a certain website online or your internet connection is working or not. You can do following to check whether twitter is up or not.

Ping CommandAs you can see above, is the IP Address of Twitter. 4 Packets were sent and all 4 of them were received, hence Twitter is online and it received your all requests.

3) Tracert
This command is used to trace the route of your request. It tells you from how many devices your request goes through. As you can see below, how my request went through when I tried to access Google.
Tracert Command

4) Netstat
It tells you about the connections that are made to your computer. You can find out if someone suspicious is connected to your computer. Simply type netstat in your Ms-Dos and hit enter.
Netstat Command

5) NsLookup
This command is used to resolve Domain Name into IP Address. Simply type the website name and it will tell you its IP Address. As you can see in the below picture, I found out my Blog’s IP Address using this command.
NsLookup Command

So those were the 5 commands that you can use to do some Network troubleshooting and couple of other things. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)

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How to Find someone on Facebook without Logging in

February 15, 2015

Facebook Search

There can be various reasons for finding someone on Facebook. I will write them below:

Tell me if you don’t fall into above categories. I will add your category too :)

I know you are so much in rush, so I won’t make you wait. Following are the 3 URLs that can be used to find your person. You may use either his/her name or email address, it depends upon you. You can also find Facebook pages and topics, just keep reading.

Search using Email Address

Click Here

Search using Name

Click Here

It’s not necessary that you want to find only a person. Maybe you want to find any group/page/topic or something else on facebook. You can use this below link.

Search anything on Facebook

Click Here

Last Words

I don’t exactly know why you want to search someone. But here is what I hope for you:

Please don’t misuse this information. I won’t be responsible for your act, use it for good purposes only. Thanks and Don’t forget to subscribe :)

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10 Tips for Writing an Attractive and Eye-Catching Title?

February 12, 2015

attractiveWhen we go to market, we buy some things we don’t even need. We buy them just because they are kept in a beautiful packing and they are so eye-catching that we ignore everything else. Have you gone through the same situation? No matter your answer is Yes or No, same is the matter with our Blog Posts.

Title is the first thing that readers read on your Blog or Social Media. They act as a packing for your Blog Posts and if they are not attractive enough, nobody clicks on them. Which results in ZERO traffic getting to your Blog. You must ensure that you present your Blog Posts with beautiful packing.There are various techniques and tips for doing that. Let’s dive in and find out:

1) Use simple and easy to understand words in your title.

2) Your title should be precise and unambiguous.

3) It should not be misleading.

4) Your title should be promising values and benefits to the readers.

5) Present your title in the form of list. Such as 7 Ways to write Effective Content.

6) Tell about yourself in title. For Example How I became millionaire in just one week.

7) Provide solution in your title. Like, How to deal with Writers Block?

8) Ask question. Such as Why you should not buy Hosting from your Domain Name Registrar?

9) Avoid using Essays Approach. For Example don’t write something like What is Writers Block?, Blogging means Boss of your Own. These titles are vague and unclear. So avoid them.

10) Show criticism like, Why I would never use Godaddy ever again?.

There are tons of other things you can do or simply you can use this free tool called CopyWriter. I created this tool and I am sharing it only with you guys. Tell me if you like it or not?

Still Hungry for more?

Just hang on and I will ask some experienced Bloggers to share their tips and suggestions in comments. Anyway, try this tool for creating attractive titles and tell me if there is something I can improve in this tool.

Mi Muba
Kevin Duncan
Ryan Biddulph
Carol Amato
Ron Killian
Cendrine Marrouat
Freddy Gandarilla
Catherine Holt

Don’t forget it to share this post with your friends :)
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Learn how to Recover your Lost Data

February 7, 2015

Recover lost data

Imagine loosing your childhood’s photos, wouldn’t that be a great loss? You can’t bring back your childhood, Can you? But there is one Good news, you can bring back those photos. Yes, you don’t need to be a computer geek for that. Even a 12 years old kid can do it. Don’t believe me? Keep reading and I will make you believe :)

What happens when you Delete any Data?

When you delete something it goes to recycle bin. If you delete it from there too, it still remains on your computer.How? Because all what happens is, the memory used by that data is marked as available. So the data remains there as it is unless you install something new that overwrites it.

How to Recover your Lost Data?

As I have mentioned above, I won’t indulge you in geeky stuffs. Instead, I would just tell you a ridiculously easy way to recover your lost data. Here is this 100% free tool called Recuva. You can download it from here. All you need to do is, install it and scan your computer using this tool. After some time, it will show you the list of deleted files that are recoverable and those which are not recoverable. From there you can select all the important files, documents, videos, pictures and everything else that  you want to recover.

Why some files are Un-Recoverable?

Actually when you install something, it uses the memory that is previously marked available. Hence whenever you lost some important data, stop copying or installing new things. Otherwise, they will overwrite your important data and make it un-recoverable.

Last Words

See? Recovering your data is not so difficult. You don’t need to be tech-savvy, all you have to do is install one free tool and scan your computer with it. I giggle when I see people asking for lot of money just to recover some data. They are just fooling around with you guys. You can recover your lost data all by yourself. No need to waste any money.

Don’t be shy. Go back and read the 3rd paragraph again if you didn’t fully understand. Share this article with your friends and dear ones, maybe they need this information right now.

Love you All :)
Have a nice day

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