How to stay Motivated as a Blogger for Forever?

Stay Motivated

There are various ways to stay motivated like by reading success stories, recalling inspirational quotes and watching motivational movies etc. But on the same hand, they also consume a lot of your time, don’t they? So how can you stay motivated without wasting any time? 7 Must Watch Motivational Movies for Bloggers Well, there is […]

How to Check WordPress Version?

Recover your Data

I will keep this blog post very short. You want to know what WordPress version your site is running? Or you wanna know the WordPress version of any other site? Well keep reading and you will find out   Scenario A:¬†When the site is your own and you have access to it’s Dashboard You can […]

Why Javascript is known as JAVAscript?

javascript confusion

Why there is a word Java in Javascript? Is there any connection between Java and Javascript? Is Java subset of Javascript? or they are not related at all and everything is just a result of some coincidence? I have asked these questions to multiple Web Developers and one of them came up with an answer: […]

How to Reduce your Bounce Rate By 50%?

Reduce Bounce Rate

Before I start explaining, let me tell you something. Traffic is not the only thing that matters to your blog, there are some other important aspects too. Such as Bounce Rate, Time people spent on your Blog and the Percentage of returning readers. Advertisers are greatly concerned with these 3 factors, and the money given […]

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